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Engineering Services

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Stormwater Planning & Analysis

Assisting municipalities and developers with all levels of stormwater planning.


Streambank Stabilization & Section 404 Permits

Evaluation, design, and permitting of stream restoration activities, as well as permit applications.

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Stormwater Quality

Evaluation and design of stormwater treatment systems


Expert Witness

Analysis, report writing, and testimony on a variety of stormwater issues


Erosion & Sediment Control

Permit Application and SWPPP development 


Stormwater Design Criteria

Writing and editing stormwater design manuals including municipalities


Floodplain & FEMA Compliance

Stormwater modeling to accommodate activities in or near flood hazard zones and obtain necessary permit

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Site Engineering and Plans

Evaluation of stormwater flows and design of stormwater systems including detention basins

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Regulatory Compliance

Municipal/industrial NPDES/MS4 planning, implementation and reporting


Sinkhole Evaluation

Evaluation and mitigation design 


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Civil, Water, and Environmental Engineering

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