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Stormwater Planning & Analysis

Wagner & Associates has extensive experience in Stormwater Planning & Analysis. These projects may be focused on mitigating flooding or water quality problems, planning for streambank stabilization, feasibility of retrofitting detention basins to provide downstream channel protection and water quality improvements, and a variety of other objectives.

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Completed Engineering Evaluations

Wildwood, Missouri

Evaluation of potential watershed level measures to address excessive streambank erosion

Springfield, Missouri

Municipal stormwater analysis and design for stormwater capital improvement project

Greene County, Missouri

Site evaluation and feasibility of trail bridge crossing of Ward Branch

Nixa, Missouri

Feasibility study of construction of channel retaining wall to provide flood and erosion protection

Springfield, Missouri

Evaluation of greenway trail / streambank erosion potential conflicts

Galena, Missouri

Project scoping and preliminary design for stream stabilization on the James Rive

Greene County, Missouri

Evaluation of several potential trail crossings of South Dry Sac River

Greene County, Missouri


Evaluation of feasibility of stream channel improvements on Pierson Creek related to FEMA and Corps of Engineers regulations

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Civil, Water, and Environmental Engineering

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